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World daily deaths today from all causes, 10/4/20:
World daily births today, 10/4/20:
World Communicable disease deaths today, 10/4/20:
World deaths by cancer today, 10/4/20:
World deaths by smoking today, 10/4/20:
World Coronavirus- Covid-19 deaths today, 10/4/20:

The government only give the covid-19 deaths and no others because they would reveal that the true picture and they want to be alarmist.
The government’s lock down and other policies are a failure with the UK being in the top five countries for numbers of deaths.
The UK has some of the worst restrictions on society and business yet is one of the worst performers in dealing with covid-19.
Sweden, which has minimal restrictions, has a death rate per million of 86, compared to the UK’s 132.
Belarus, which has virtually no social restrictions, has a death rate of 2 per million.
Five countries, including the UK, account for approximately 73%% of the world’s deaths associated with covid-19.
Fifteen countries account for approximately 93% of the world’s deaths associated with covid-19.
The remaining countries in the world account for just approximately 7% of the world’s covid-19 associated deaths.

There are many factors involved with this coronavirus.

One factor, the countries which have rolled out 5G, are those with the most deaths,(being varied as to the other policies they pursued).
5G antennae is claimed to emit radiation waves which weaken the immune system, something the UK government refused to properly investigate.
Even now, the government is considering those rolling out 5G in the country as essential workers !

There are of course many other factors where the government has got it wrong.
One very factor was the blanket whole population approach, instead of targeting the vulnerable and putting resources into cocooning them with extra love, care and compassion.
This has still not happened, but only belatedly in a not very effective way.
Another factor was not to tighten up on who was travelling into the UK and to to institute proper quarantining and testing procedures at the beginning.
The government actually took part in a virus prevention exercise in 2016, but ignored all the recommendations about preparedness, which is why the UK was so unprepared.

The only recommendation they took up was police state laws restricting the ability to work and to carry on with normal daily lives.Those they implemented without delay and they pretended that had to because British citizens were allegedly not co-operating in exercising safe distancing proposals, when the fact the vast majority had been. It was a government exaggeration.
This is why the draconian laws were brought in so quickly. They were the one thing that the government had prepared !

A few months ago there was a global conference on being prepared for a virus very similar to covid-19. The government were aware of this, so even though the predicted scenario had been laid out, the government did nothing about being prepared.

The government brought in its lockdown ( or lock up) Britain proposals without thinking of the many economic, social and health consequences. It is indeed surprising to learn that they are only now doing this. If they had done it in the first place they would have seen the disadvantages far outweighed the advantages, and not lept too quickly into adopting that nonsensical lockdown the economy and society policy.

Sadly the mainstream media is not doing its job properly in calling the government to account. Nor are the opposition parties. Both have let the nation down because they have enabled the government to operate without effective scrutiny.

It is clearly well overdue for the government to change its policy ( and other countries as well ), to admit they made some disastrous mistakes and to END THE BUSINESS AND SOCIAL LOCKDOWN without delay.
Time also to investigate where this Sars- Cov-2 – Covid-19 virus came from, man made or what, and see if any global group or country is responsible for causing this crisis.

Anthony Webber

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