Guernsey Referenda

In 2002 I had an amendment overwhelming passed in the States of Guernsey to bring about the legal mechanism so that Guernsey could hold Referenda in the Bailiwick.
This still has not been made into Law.

This is an absolute disgrace, as most civilised countries in the world are able to hold Referenda, even a number of countries we would term uncivilised or dictatorships have this right.

So Guernsey is in a unique position amongst Western democracies,in that our voters no not have the right to vote in a Refendum on any subject at all.

Jersey implemdented this right somde years ago, and the UK has had this right for much longer, and they recently had a Referenda on voting systems.

The delay in bringing in the right to vote in a Referenda is completely the fault of the Policy Council of Ministers of the States of Guernsey.

They are due to report on progress on this imminently, after a lot of pressure was put on them.
Let us hope for some positive progress at last.

At the moment this situation is not doing the reputation of Guernsey any good at all.

Tony Webber